Intro to Windows — TryHackMe Walkthrough

Task 1 A little history

When was Windows announced?

>> November 20 1985

Which is the latest version of Windows?

>> Windows 11

Which is the latest version of Windows Server?

>> Windows Server 2019

Task 2 Windows file system and permissions explained

  1. PerfLogs — Stores the system issues and other reports regarding performance
  2. Program Files and Program Files (x86) — Is the location where programs install unless you change their path (Ex: Choosing to install software on D drive)
  3. Users — In this folder are stored the users created. It also stores users generated data (Ex: Saving a file on your Desktop)
  4. Windows — It’s the folder that basically contains the code to run the operating system and some utility tools (we’ll talk about them later)

In which folder are user’s profiles stored?

>> Users

Task 3 Understanding the authentication process

There are two types of Active Directory:

  • On-Premise Active Directory (AD)
  • Azure Active Directory (AAD)

In an on-premise Active Directory environment the authentication can be made by using the following protocols:

  • NTLM

Azure Active Directory supports the following authentication methods:

  • SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language)
  • OAUTH 2.0
  • OpenID Connect

Which Active Directory is cloud based?

>> Azure Active Directory

Which authentication method does not provide data integrity?


Which authentication method assigns a ticket in order for a user to login?


Which authentication method allow users to access applications with a single login (short name)?


Authentication method that uses JSON Web Tokens?

>> OpenID Connect

Task 4 Utility tools

Windows comes with a variety of utility tools. Some of them are:

  • Computer Management
  • Local Security Policy
  • Disk Cleanup
  • Registry Editor
  • Command-line tools
  • Registry Editor (Regedit)

Task 5 Types of servers

Servers can be used for a variety of actions or things. The most common ones are:

  • Domain Controller
  • File server
  • Web server
  • FTP Server
  • Mail Server
  • Database Server
  • Proxy Server
  • Application Server

Which can be considered the most important server?

>> Domain Controller

Which server can store emails?

>> Mail Server

Thank You…!




💻 Cybersecurity Enthusiast: | 🌐 OSINT | 📈 Vulnerability Assesment | 🛠️ VAPT

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Pratik Dhavade

Pratik Dhavade

💻 Cybersecurity Enthusiast: | 🌐 OSINT | 📈 Vulnerability Assesment | 🛠️ VAPT

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