Task 1 Introduction

What is Active Directory? -

Active Directory is a collection of machines and servers connected inside of domains, that are a collective part of a bigger forest of domains, that make up the Active Directory network. Active Directory contains many functioning bits and pieces, a majority of which we will…

Task 1 A little history

When was Windows announced?

>> November 20 1985

Which is the latest version of Windows?

>> Windows 11

Which is the latest version of Windows Server?

>> Windows Server 2019

Task 2 Windows file system and permissions explained

  1. PerfLogs — Stores the system issues and other reports regarding performance
  2. Program Files and Program Files (x86) — Is the…

Task 2 Key terms

Ciphertext — The result of encrypting a plaintext, encrypted data

Cipher — A method of encrypting or decrypting data. Modern ciphers are cryptographic, but there are many non cryptographic ciphers like Caesar.

Plaintext — Data before encryption, often text but not always. Could be a photograph or other file


Task 2: Setting up John the Ripper

What is the most popular extended version of John the Ripper?

>> jumbo john

Task 3: Wordlists

What website was the rockyou.txt wordlist created from a breach on?

>> rockyou.com

Task 4 Cracking Basic Hashes

What type of hash is hash1.txt?

>> md5

What is the cracked value of hash1.txt?

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